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 Why Listen to the Podcast?

The test Taker Podcast shares all those things which help you to overcome difficulties with spoken English and achieve desired score in IELTS speaking test:

  • Interviews with IELTS high-achievers and those who successfully passed the exam
  • Best techniques to practice and develop speaking skills
  • Real examples of how successful language learners practice spoken English
  • Common problems and how to overcome them when preparing for speaking test
  • The best apps, sites, and resources available
  • Real success stories showing how language learning can improve  your life

 Previous Guests

#1-Rob McCormack, Slow English

#2-Oleg: IELTS Success Story

#3-Interview with Dmitry Zolottsev

#4-Interview with Josh Chil – English Teacher, IELTS Tutor


Interview with English Teacher Josh Chil

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  Today my guest is English Teacher, Josh Chil. Josh is  online  teacher from United States who currently lives and work in Thailand. He has completed the CELTA foreign language teaching degree and  teaches primary, high school, and university students in … Read More

Interview with Dmitry Zolottsev: Online English Teachers from The Philippines. Affordable Way to Improve Your Speaking Skills

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    One of the best ways to prepare for IELTS speaking exam is to practice with online teacher. However, for many people it is too expensive way to prepare for the test. Does it mean you can only practice … Read More

Interview with Oleg: IELTS Success Story and Travelling Abroad

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    There are different ways to learn language. Travelling is one of them. Is it worth to go to another country to develop your language skills? What are advantages and how much it might cost? Does it really help … Read More

Interview with Rob McCormack, Podcaster and Creator of

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    Rob McCormack is an Australian based podcaster, the man behind and his podcast with the same name. “Learn English while learning about daily life in Australia”, that’s the tagline he uses to describe his podcast.  He started … Read More