IELTS Topic Vocabulary for Speaking test: The Media

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media ielts topic vocabulary speaking test

In this post I tried to aggregate articles, podcasts, videos about Media. I provided word lists so you can scan and get an idea of whether it’s something you are looking for or not.  Hopefully, I managed to find  a good amount of vocabulary related to Media.

If you need complete resource with sample answers, topic vocabulary and useful links to prepare  this topic,  feel free to check all topics page.

What you will find in this article:

  • Common questions from Part1,2 and 3 of speaking test.
  • Collocations, words and phrases that will help you to talk about media.
  • How other people tell stories related to social media, its influence and and related problems.
  • Links to useful materials which you can use to read articles, listen podcasts and watch video about media.
  • Vocabulary from sub-topics and related areas such as:social networks, newspapers and magazines, news, TV.

Part 1 Sample Questions

  • Where do you usually get the news from? (Why do you choose that medium?)
  • Do you regularly read any magazines? (What kinds of topics do they cover?)
  • Do you often read a newspaper? (Why/ Why not?)
  • In which kinds of circumstances do you usually listen to the radio? (Would you like to listen more often? Why/ Why not?)

Part 2: Cue Card

Describe a television or radio station that you often watch or listen to. You should include:

  • Why you choose that station
  • What you like about it
  • How other people feel about it

And say what you think could be improved about its output.

Part 3 Sample Questions

  • Do large media organisations have too much influence? (What makes you say that?)
  • What is the most important medium for people in your country? (What about people your age?)
  • Do people in your country generally listen to the radio? (What kinds of things?)
  • How important are newspapers? (What is their future in the age of the internet?)
  • What could be the consequences of the decline of newspapers? (How important is it?)
  • How reliable are newspapers, television news and the Internet as news sources, do you think? (Which do you trust most?)
  • How much do you think the government should get involved in making sure the media are well balanced? (What could they do?)

Reading: Media Vocabulary from QUORA

Where do you get your news from?


  • to get most of news from Twitter’s news feed
  • I’m always informed
  • I can see interesting stories
  • to dive deeper
  • news comes from people…
  • things I happen across during my day



Where do you get your news from?


How important is it to read newspapers if I have all news apps in my phone?


  • you get the latest on phone app
  • local news
  • that’s what make the papers interesting
  • reading experience
  • more of a habit


How important is it to read newspapers if I have all news apps in my phone?


What are the best ways to use social media?


  • social channel
  • engagement is high
  • video content
  • social networks
  • relate to audience



What are the best ways to use social media?


Why should people have lots of different social media?


  • preferred social media
  • personal connections
  • different needs
  • sharing with anyone
  • sharing pictures
  • professional contacts



Why should people have lots of different social media?


What is the future of online news?


  • original sources
  • media organizations
  • premium content
  • to produce original content
  • more news is generated from…
  • it on the air
  • reporting


  • content personalization
  • social platforms
  • content creators
  • general public
  • publishers are getting smarter
  • online publishers
  • audience


  • web video
  • improved in quality
  • shareable
  • publishers’ websites
  • personalization
  • better social engagement
  • platforms that aggregate  content


  • innovative UI
  • personalization technology
  • social recommendation
  • shape the way content will be consumed…
  • the future of news

Listening: The Media

FRED TALKS: Episode 014, Influence: Part 2 of 3

  • ability to influence others
  • message
  • idea
  • information
  • hand held device
  • smart devices
  • great number of people


  • I use  lots of technology
  • access to dozens of different types of media
  • represent communities
  • what is social media?
  • social media is so ubiquitous
  • social interaction


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Post-Television Media Trust

  •  a form of control
  • honest journalism
  • source of credible news
  • it have been trustworthy
  • to remain well-informed about national and world events
  • blogosphere
  • many of us get our new through alternative media
  • to replace mainstream media


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The Media Videos

BBC: Protests and the role of social media


  • social media networks
  • to speed the process
  • images of thousands of people
  • passed around via the Internet
  • powerless to stop… getting out
  • buzz information
  • video sharing website


  • cyber experts
  • to block sites
  • no censorship
  • traditional media cannot compete with
  • cannot keep up with such coverage
  • to shift and mold public opinion

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