IELTS | How To Find Speaking Partner: Part 2

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This is my second post where I’m sharing my experience, attempts and errors while I’m trying to find speaking partner. My final goal is to figure it out, what is the simplest and effective way for IELTS candidates to find someone to speak with on regular basis without paying money to online teacher.

So far, I mostly failed in these attempts 🙂 Nevertheless, I keep trying. I know, it’s not going to be an easy way. I know that, if I work hard I eventually succeed.

Goals for  Past Week: Adding More Skype Friends and Scheduling

Well, after last weeks experiment with finding IELTS candidates’ contacts it was clear for me, that I can add more people in Skype. This will definitely help me to increase my chances to find  speaking partner.

Therefore, over the last week  I  added 9 more  people which  I found on and  Let’s see what is response rate and results looks like.

My goal again, was to have at least 5 conversations over the course of the week.


Number of people contacted:


Number of people who accepted my request:


Number of people who replied to me in chat:


Number of conversations (2 weeks)



As you can see, I failed at having conversations (I had only one online call during the first week). I realize that this was mostly because my of lack of free time. To be honest,  I was quite busy with my blog and second project I’m working on.

Another reason is that  I usually don’t work in evenings. I go to bed  early in order to  have more quiet time in mornings. Unfortunately, most people still sleep between 4 am and 7 am when I am online. Take a look at my Skype window

Skype Status
Most of people I added are usually offline when I am in Skype

Skype Group Chat

Test Taker Skype Group Chat
Test Taker Skype Group Chat

I also created group chat in Skype. I’m going to use it to joinI ELTS candidates I’ve contacted.

What’s great about it is that, people started to communicate with each other without my participation. Hopefully, it will help them to find someone with the same goal (getting good score in Speaking Test) and arrange their Skype calls themselves.

Failed Again. Okay. What’s Next

From past week’s experience I made two main conclusions:

  • it will take more time to find a way to have regular spoken practice that really works
  • before I found  my speaking partner I need  “plan B”

Everyday Reading/Recording Strategy

With this in mind, my plan for the next week

  • everyday reading out loud for 5-10 min
  • going online for 10-15 min in Skype several times during week
  • scheduling weekly group call for weekend

Firstly, I know from my previous experience that reading out loud in English does help you to improve your speaking skills. I’m sure, when there are no other options, this method is decent solution. I don’t want to lose much time before I actually find  speaking partner. I realize it can take  a lot of time.

Secondly, I realized that it is impossible to find someone  to speak with  via If you don’t appear there. So I need to spend some time online, so I decided set aside 10-15 min every second morning.

Finally, It  became clear it is easier for me and other people to connect during weekend. That’s why I decided  to start weekly Skype Calls. I found interesting tool called Doodle. It helps you conduct surveys and find the best time for group of people to have online meeting.I hope it will help me to organize my weekly meetings effectively and maximize our chances to connect each other.

Doodle Survey
Doodle Survey

First Subscriber

I want to share with you my small success. It is really important for me. I’ve got my first subscriber  during this week. I was over the moon when noticed in my inbox that someone visited my blog and subscribed. I’ve already spent a lot of time writing my blog, but I didn’t expect to have someone on it so soon. Really, exited about it.

Let’s See What  Works

That’s it. I hope this article was of some help for you, my reader. Share your thoughts. Don’t be too strict to my grammar and language.  Keep on putting hard work in your IELTS preparation!

Go to Speaking page  to join other IELTS candidates looking for speaking partners. I  update list every month to help other people. You can also find there link to  my weekly group calls and see what time people are choosing using doodle. Make your choice, take action.  Remember “Practice makes perfect”

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