How To Describe a Person And Impress Your IELTS Examiner

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Being able to describe a person is “a  must have” skill. Not only  you can be asked this type of question (“describe someone”) during IELTS Speaking Part 2, but also you will definitely will have numerous real-life  situatuations where you need to describe someone’s appearance or character. This is something we often do in our dayly interactions with friiends, family, colleagues etc.

Describe A person And Impress Your IELTS Examiner

To be honest, I am not very good at describing people. I also know that most of IELTS candidates look for useful vocabulary to improove this part. I hope this article will be useful both for me and my readers. I tried to list several qestions asking you to describe someone and find some good real-life examples of phrases and words. On top of that, I’m sure, you will find some useful examples to brainstorm your own ideas when giving answer.

If you need complete resource with sample answers, topic vocabulary and useful links to prepare  this topic,  feel free to check all topics page.


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Describing a Person: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sample Questions

  • How would you describe yourself?
  • In which ways are you similar to your friends?
  • Are you similar or different to your brother(s)/sister(s)?

Describing a Person: IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample Questions

Describe someone in your family who you really admire

  • what relation this person is to you
  • what are your first memories of this person
  • how often you see this person

and explain why you really admire this person.

Describe a teacher you once had who you enjoyed being taught by. You should say

  • who this person was
  • when they were your teacher
  • which subject they taught you

and describe what it was about their character that you liked.

Talk about a person who has a great influence in your life

  • Who the person is
  • How long you have known him /her
  • What qualities this person has

and explain why this person has had such an influence on you.

Describe a friend who you really like to spend time with

  • When and how you met.
  • How often you see this friend.
  • What kind of personality your friend has

and say why you like to spend time with this particular friend.

Words  And Phrases to Describe a Person | Quora | What are some words that describe your best friend perfectly? 

  • childhood best friend
  • passionate
  • crazy
  • fun
  • insane


  • best friend from college
  • introvert
  • fun to be with
  • smart


  • politically sound
  • my study-buddy
  • best friend from my sity
  • shy, hell-smart


  • best friend from my office
  • vocalist
  • guitarist
  • lady-charmen
  • my soulmate (we have very similar tastes)



What are some words that describe your best friend perfectly?

Words  And Phrases to Describe a Person: What are some words to describe your best friend ? | Quora | What are some words that describe your best friend perfectly?

  • challenging
  • supportive
  • ambitious
  • sarcastic
  • motivated


  • cocky
  • narcisstic
  • chill
  • reserved



What are some words to describe your best friend??

Podcast: Describing People Vocabulary | 

Who’s the best superhero?


Listen to this episode to learn valuable vocabulary that you can use to describe both physical appearance and character. Although this episode is quite long  (about 75 min), I’ m sure you will like it and not be bored.

Despite Luke and His guest discuss superheroes, there are a lot of useful words and expressions to describe normal people.  Here is short list of some of the words and phrases that can be found in this audio:

  • hide identity from the public
  • to have weaknesses
  • completely flawless
  • to hide your imperfections

Capitan America

  • weird
  • nerd
  • skinny
  • very short
  • no muscle mass


  • he is very patriotic man
  • mental weaknesses
  • he is alone
  • he is so attached ti his old friend
  • they grew up together in New York



Who’s the best superhero?

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Podcast: Describing People Vocabulary | 

Susan Boyle


Think of someone you may be asked to describe in speaking part 2 task. Maybe it is your best friend, your teacher or famous artist. Can you use words and phrases that can be found in this episode of Luke’s podcast? I’m sure you can. At least couple of phrases will be  oh great help and match your need in this task.

Take note  that when describing Susan Boyle, Luke covers various aspects: her physical appearance, her biography, the impression she makes and even some personal details about her. All these things together  form complete and easy to visualize snapshot of a person described:

  • made a judgment about her appearance
  • she is  47 years old
  • she is very ordinary looking
  • she is not pretty, not really good looking
  • she does not look glamorous
  • look a bit strange to be honest
  • to have a terrible voice


  • she has  fantastic voice
  • the way she sings
  • she’s got  beautiful singing voice
  • she left school when she was 16 years old
  • she doesn’t  really have many qualifications
  • she has been unemployed for most of her life
  • she isn’t married


  • she’s never been kissed
  • she hasn’t really had  much of exciting life
  • she’s never performed on stage before
  • for some reason, she’s got an incredible voice
  • she’s got a scottish accent
  • that’ just one part of her personality
  • ordinary middle-aged woman



Susan Boyle

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Video: Describing People Vocabulary | 

4 Phrases to Describe Personality

Nice video from Gabrielle Wallace that I’ve came across  trying to  find podcasts for this topic. What I like about her video is that she explains the meaning of each of the  words that she suggests to use when describing yourself. What’s more she talks about situations in which these words will be a good fit and gives a lot of examples and synonyms. Here are the words from the video

  • down-to-earth person (cool, modern, fun, relaxed)
  • laid-back person (patient, not easily excited)
  • easy-going person (relaxed, not going to get upset easily)
  • type-A person (someone who likes order, schedule, get things done)

What your personality like?

Have Something Interesting To Share?

To tell the truth, I haven’t managed to find several both useful and interesting videos for this topic. That’s why I’m asking for your help.

If you remember interesting podcast or video that can offer good range of vocabulary  to describe personality and physical appearance, please, let me know!

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