199 Words and Phrases To Describe Personality | Taken from Articles, Podcasts And Videos

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199 Words and Phrases To Describe Personality

I have already written one similar article How To Describe a Person And Impress Your IELTS Examiner. I tried to collect useful vocabulary and provide links to original sources. In fact it was quite difficult to find suitable authentic materials to include material from. If you need complete resource with sample answers, topic vocabulary and useful links to prepare  this topic,  feel free to check all topics page.

Perhaps, for that reason I feel that I need to make a second try. In this article I’ve tried to do my best, conducted more thorough research and selected just under  two hundred words . These words can be used to describe different types of personality.

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Sample questions from IELTS speaking part

Describe a feature of your personal character that you find important

Please say:

  • Why do you like it?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • What difference does it make in your life?

Describe a comic actor who is popular in your country

You should say:

  • Why the actor is?
  • How you know him/her?
  • What difference does it make in your life?

and explain why he/she is popular in your country.

Describe a Person Vocabulary | Quora | What Game of Thrones Character best describes your personality?

  • I like to read
  • I know cool facts about things
  • I love comfort
  • I don’t care about pretty hairstyles
  • I love driving bike


  • my friends find me strong
  • I hate to represent myself as dependent on anyone
  • I try helping some people

Adjectives to Describe a Person | Quora | What are four personality types?

  1. practical
    • no-nonsence
    • logical
    • structured work
    • solid in fields such as math
    • accountant
    • engineer
  2. action
    • fast-paced
    • more aggressive
    • possibly an entrepreneur or in sales
  3. social
    • no real schedule
    • very agreeable
  4. emotional
    • temper
    • intuitive
    • sensitive to environment
    • artist


What are four personality types?

Describe a Person Vocabulary | Quora | How Do You Analyze and figure Out People’s Personality?

  • inclined toward big ideas
  • academic concepts
  • wild possibilities
  • quite down to earth
  • concerned with the real world


  • take literal approach to life
  • going off
  • emotional
  • rational
  • genuinely concerned  or happy about other people


  • act objectively
  • spontaneous
  • planner
  • make decisions quickly/easily
  • be impulsive


  • to rely on what feels right
  • okay with not sticking to a schedule
  • not knowing exactly what is ahead
  • structured
  • routine-oriented
  • weigh their opinions
  • foresee consequences before  they do something


How Do You Analyze and figure Out People’s Personality?

Nice Words to Describe Someone | Quora | What are Your Top Ten Good Qualities?

  • honesty
  • I’m reasonable
  • apply the information accordingly
  • diligence
  • work hard to achieve goal


  • perseverance
  • teachability
  • loving
  • try to consider others
  • I do  well to treat people


  • forgiving
  • real
  • “wear my heart on my sleeve”



What are Your Top Ten Good Qualities

Podcast: Words to Describe a Person | Mastering The Personality Matrix

I highly recommend you listen this podcast. I’m sure, It can be very helpful in terms of learning how to talk about different types of personalities. What you can gain from this episode:

  • adjectives
  • phrases
  • collocations
  • synonyms
  • how to use multiple ways to say about personal characteristics
  • how to incorporate mini-stories
  • how to apply facts and examples to visualize  and describe different  personalities

Here is the list of vocabulary that can be found in the podcast episode:

  • to be authentic
  • person that always wants to be right
  • likes to be in control of himself
  • wants to be in control of everyone around him
  • powerful leader


  • got a lot of confidence
  • make things happen
  • do whatever it takes
  • make decisions
  • they are are all about the result


  • goal-oriented
  • result-oriented
  • sensitive
  • appear mean
  • they don’t listen


  • don’t want to listen feedback
  • cannot take criticism
  • person that likes to be right
  • inflexible
  • to be confident


  • to be clear
  • to be dominant
  • to show up that you powerful
  • concerned about the feelings
  • they’re about feelings


  • they’re about love
  • they’re about acknowledgment
  • they’re about respect
  • loving caring
  • put other people first


  • always focusing on your needs
  • total givers
  • they show up like a door mat
  • people take advantage of them
  • people look all over them


  • they don’t stand for themselves
  • they voice doesn’t count
  • easygoing
  • informal
  • they way of being is casual


  • flexible
  • they are the heart of…
  • avoid conflict
  • love conflict
  • they’re like…


  • let’s confront this now
  • feelings-oriented
  • passionate
  •  they’re outrageous
  • they’re all about relationships


  • being the centre of attention
  • they want to shine brightly
  • energetic
  • talkative
  • expressive


  • communicative
  • relationship-driven
  • they’re all about fun and energy
  • that’s the gift of….
  • they cant ‘t be boring
  • they cant ‘t be cold


How to Influence and Inspire People By Mastering The Personality Matrix with Chris Lee

Podcast: Describing People Vocabulary | The Personality Myth

  • friendly
  • honest person
  • criminal
  • to cheat at school
  • charming


  • playful
  • talking fast
  • poetic
  • creative
  • personality traits


  • quiet
  • introverted
  • outspoken
  • aggressive
  • sensitive
  • friendly across al situations
  • dishonest person
  • to lie
  • how would you describe your personality?


The Personality Myth

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Podcast: Describing People Vocabulary | Personality vs Character

  • type of personality
  • charming
  • easy going
  • life and soul
  • behind closed doors is very quiet
  • always seem so happy
  • feeling bad about themselves
  • fun person
  • shy person
  • being inferior
  • mental and moral qualities


Personality vs Character

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Podcast: Describing People Vocabulary | Gifts of Being a Highly sensitive Person

  • sensitive person
  • conscientious
  • accurate intuition
  • resort to be perfectionist
  • people-pleaser
  • intuition


  • prefer more intimate purpose-driven affairs
  • is good at observing minor differences
  • to discern children’s  mood
  • able to focus and concentrate deeply
  • comfortable with their mind


  • have active imagination
  • able to  see beyond what’s really in front of them
  • to think outside of the box
  • to dislike idle, pointless chitchat
  • low self-esteem


  • shy children
  • “morning person”
  • have real sense of time
  • enjoy time at home
  • over-arousal


  • self-reflect
  • to journal
  • self-reflect regularly
  • enjoy sitting quietly through thoughts
  • to overanalyze things too much


Gifts of Being a Highly sensitive Person

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Podcast: Describing People Vocabulary | The Top-10 Characteristics of Lousy Leader

Well, maybe this podcast seem to be not so helpful in terms of learning  personality vocabulary. However i decided to mention it at least for two reasons.

Firstly, Michael Hyatt is very successful entrepreneur. If you haven’t heard about him, I highly recommend you to visit his website. You can learn a ton of things  from him.

Secondly, in the episode you can find lots of new vocabulary on how to describe  negative characteristics  of person. For sure, there might be question in your exam addressing topic where you need to talk about negative qualities or topic about your work/colleagues.

What’s  also great about this podcast is that the sound quality is quite high and you can read  full transcript of the episode

  • arrogant, arrogance
  • to confuse their opinion with the right answer
  • everybody in the room is not as smart as they are
  • narcissistic person
  • sense of control


  • they are smartest person in the room
  • disorganized
  • you never know what to expect
  • it creates a lot of tension and frustration
  • able to keep track of a calendar


  • to keep me waiting for 20 min
  • couldn’t manage anything to the clock
  • totally disorganized
  • come to meetings so prepared
  • trying so hard


  • trying to get things done
  • setting things up that never got finished
  • he couldn’t pull it  off
  • he wasn’t persuasive or compelling
  • creative  people


  • highly intelligent people
  • things don’t fall to the cracks
  • to say or do things that make people question
  • to over-promise and under-deliver
  • get a little outside of your comfort zone


  • to make your actions to conform to your words
  • to know where they are headed
  • transparent
  • they shutoff
  • they don’t reveal anything


  • the don’t share any emotion
  • they don’t tell you what they’re thinking


The Top-10 Characteristics of Lousy Leader

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