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Two Months in Sydney

It’s been two months since I arrived to Australia. Time passes by quickly.

Starting from zero – that’s probably the best way to describe where I am now. New country, new language, new life…

if you have a look at my blog, you’ll see that I was writing about IELTS and wasn’t mentioning my personal life, except for the post where I shared my success and arrival in Australia. Recently, I decided to make a shift and start writing about what’s happening in my life and sharing with you some of my thoughts.

Hopefully, it will bring some value to the blog and make it not so boring. I also expect it will help me to improve my writing. I know that I don’t dedicate enough time to this activity  and the only way to make my posts better is to write more often.

So, over the last two months were full of new challenges, places, people and thoughts. Overall, I am starting to adjust to this place. I no longer rely on only  my smartphone and map when I go somewhere. Over the time, local area and some  other places in  Sydney  have  became more familiar.

I see a lot of beautiful places: local cafes, beaches, houses and streets.

Sydney, December 2016







Unfortunately, I haven’t found engineering job. i’ve applied for  a lot of positions  and sent more than 50 resumes, but wasn’t contacted by employers. I suppose that was  because I have no local experience.

However, I was able to find temporary job as carpenter. That’s totally new experience for me. Schedule is quite busy and sometimes the weather makes it quite hard to work outdoors. Nevertheless, I am glad that I have decent income and can learn new skills.

Driving Lessons

Aside from working, recently I’ve been attending driving  lesson. I learn  than here in Sydney  car is necessity. My everyday commuting to work and back takes me almost 3 hours a day. So I decided I need to get NSW drivers license asap.

4 am

We work long hours, study and prepare for exams, spent 1-2 hours commuting to work and / or university. We struggle to find time for our family, hobby and other things that we love…

Today I woke up at 4am. It’s quite early for me because at my last job I started at 8 am and it took only 30 min to get to my work. At my current job I start at 7am and need at least hour and 20 min to  commute to the place where I work now. The fact that I can start my day so early made me realize that in the past i probably could find more time to  study or work on my projects. If I could get up at 4am at my previous job it would give me nearly one our in the morning. I usually went out for running at 5-5.30  am.

Why I write about it? Just because I always   complain to myself that I lack time. Now I must wake up so early because I cannot be late to my work. Then why couldn’t I wake up earlier back then? It turned out that I could find the time I needed if I was able to go to  bed earlier and be more determined and committed.

It is all relative. Yesterday you thought that it’s impossible, but once you forced to do it you realize it is a matter of your choice and commitment. Once again I learnt that I need to be more persistent and don’t make excuses.

it doesn’t mean you need to fall into extremal schedule and sacrifice sleep or your family time. No. You just provably need to ask yourself more often ‘do you spend your time effectively and do you take every opportunity to move towards your goals?’ What do you do right now to move toward your goals?’. It looks like quite often we chose to not move out of our comfort zone and don’t want to see opportunities we have.

Miracle Morning

Some time ago (year or so) I came across really interesting and inspiring book called ‘Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod. This book and the idea to start your day earlier have hade quite significant impact on me.  I tried to implement techniques described in this book and I see it does work. To be honest, it is a bit exaggerated in the book to what extent starting your early can change your life. However, I noticed several positive changes since I started to follow this idea

– early in the morning I can work ing peaceful environment

– I feel more energized and can get more done compared to evening time when I feel tired and less motivated

Yes, quite often we do have too small time, but as I said above, it also depends on your point of view.




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  1. Nick
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    you never lived in other countries before AU, you have no a proper Job even after 2 months – are you ready to sacrifice everything what you had in Russia only for a some blurred unknown perspective?

    • Maxfaber
      | Reply

      There is a quote ‘If you never try, you’ll never know’. Yes, it is scary to leave your job, country and everything you’ve got accustomed to over the years. However, so far I don’t regret. In my country, there were things I liked and didn’t liked. There was something that forced me to chose that way. Probably, it was desire to find better place to raise my daughter in a better place and pursue my passion. I am sure, if I work hard and overcome my fears, I will succeed… Thanks for comment 😉

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