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Rob McCormack is an Australian based podcaster, the man behind and his podcast with the same name. “Learn English while learning about daily life in Australia”, that’s the tagline he uses to describe his podcast.  He started his project in 2012 and by the and of 2016 has produced 84 episodes about Australia. High audio quality, interesting and engaging content, clear pronunciation and slow speech, these are things  which probably contributed in growing popularity of his audio shows. By the end of 2016 he has 330 000 downloads of his podcast, 100 000 website visitors, 800 Facebook followers from all over the world.

Rob worked in different roles in Australian post, Insurance Company AMP and in Education. He lived in three different Australian states and, without a doubt, has a lot to share about Australian life.

In his shows he talks on such topics as famous people, local wildlife, foods, traditions, national attributes, activities and lifestyle.

Show Notes

In the interview, Rob shares how he started his podcast, how he produces episodes and his own experience from learning German language.

  • It takes many time to progress from understanding people with  clear pronunciation to native speakers who speak fast and use slang
  • Rob’s background
  • What inspired Rob to start  his Podcast
  • How episodes of SlowEnglish are produced and blogging
  • Internet – great place to communicate with other people and learn things
  • Going abroad to learn foreign language
  • Spoken practice via Internet

The Test Taker – Slow English Podcast:, Interview with Rob McCormack (right click save as mp3)

The Test Taker – Slow English Podcast:, Interview with Rob McCormack

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