Interview with English Teacher Josh Chil

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 TTT 004 Interview with Josh Chil, English Teacher Artwork, Episode, Podcast

Today my guest is English Teacher, Josh Chil. Josh is  online  teacher from United States who currently lives and work in Thailand. He has completed the CELTA foreign language teaching degree and  teaches primary, high school, and university students in Thailand.

TTT 004 Interview with Josh Chil, English Teacher
Josh Chil, English Teacher


Josh offers a various  types of classes ranging from American English and IELTS course to Business English and Group English classes. Josh conducted more than 500 online lessons. You can find the link to his ITALKI profile in the shownotes.

I talked with Josh about his background and teaching experience and asked him questions related to language learning including how to improve your speaking skills and what are best resources and practices to learn a language.

Thank you for listening and enjoy the show.

Show Notes

Listen this interview  to learn about:

  • It’s ok to make mistakes
  • Podcasts and Movies as a way to learn vocabulary
  • Josh’s opinion on what  english learners need most help in
  • If you beginner – start learning basic vocabulary using apps, such as Duoliungo and Memrize
  • As you progress – learn vocabulary through reading books and articles
  • Josh’s 2 favorite podcasts recommendations: This American Life (BBC), Serial S-Town
  • Finding teacher to improve particular language skill
  • What Josh’s lessons look like
  • Useful resources for language learners recommended by  Josh

The Test Taker – Interview with Josh Chil, English Teacher


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