Nothing Happens…Until You Start taking Action. What I Did to Find IELTS Speaking Partner

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Hello! Thank you for visiting my website. You are reading this article, probably, because you are looking for way to practice IELTS speaking part with a partner. I have a Skype group that I created for people, like you.  Unfortunately, what I see every day is that people join my group and get no results. That’s why I decided to write this short article and tell you about one particular story when IELTS test taker could not find someone to practice with. I hope this story will teach you something. Keep reading






One Example


Please have a look at the screenshot from  my Skype group for IELTS partners.

My Mistakes. Do not Make Them

I was thinking that  there is no way  to improve my English with  speaking partner, because

– People do not ask me to practice.
– Nobody replied to my requests.
– I cannot practice English with a teacher on regular basis.

Now I know it is absolutely possible as long as you keep trying, ask for help others and do not give up.

  1. Don’t think that someone will find you. It’s not going to happen. You must be proactive, do the work and contact other people to find a partner.

  2. Don’t send message to just one person. Contact 10 people and chances are you will get 5-6 responses. Then maybe 1-2 people will keep practicing with you regularly.

The above steps worked great  for me. This is how my Skype was born. I don’t have much time for practice, but still I speak at least once a  week, Every Friday or Saturday. You can find more information on this page about Skype Discussion Club.

Your Next Step? Here are some Examples for You

Now you know what to do. Take action.Keep trying until you get the result!

Need example? Ok here is sample action plan for you:


Step 1: Choose 2-3 places where you you can ask other to be your Speaking partner. One place is not enough – the more – the better.  For example

Step 2: Send message to 5-10 people and ask them to be your speaking Partner.

Step 3: Schedule and repeat steps 1-2 every week


Thetesttaker Skype Group  

Thetesttaker Skype Group


Thetesttaker Facebook Group  

Thetesttaker Facebook Group  Forum


Navigate to Board index -> IELTS Study Resources and Community Talk -> ELTS discussion and open chat



Check any immigration forum in your country.
For example, in Russia, visit

– Navigate to IELTS subtopic or
– Search for “Speaking Skype”
– Find people who requested for a partner and contact  them

  1. Sign up

  2. Send request
Facebook group Worldspeaksenglish
Join the group and contact other people asking to be your partner
World Speaks English [Darian Sandmartin]


It is also worth listening  this great episode  from All Ears English: Podcast AEE 90: Three Reasons Your English Language Exchange Isn’t Working.



Feel free to ask  me any questions. You can do it using The Test Taker  Skype group or  Facebook group. Maybe you know other places to find speaking partner. Share them with us!

Talk soon,


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