What is it about?

TheTestTaker is a website I build to help IELTS candidates to prepare for speaking exam and develop their spoken English.

Why I do it?

First of all, I genuinely want to help others. I’ve been through it myself and I know how difficult it might be to pass IELTS. Especially if you lack speaking practice.

It is also a way for me to pursue my goals and big dreams. I want to practice consistently in order to improve my English so that I could adapt to living in Australia. I also want to test the idea of using the Internet to create supplementary income through solving a problem and providing real value to IELTS candidates and those who struggle to improve his/her English.

How I build my website?

I started my website in early 2016 when I created WordPress account, installed free theme and started to think of how I can help other IELTS candidates. I realized that even though I am not IELTS high scorer, polyglot or expert in English, I still have the opportunity to contribute in someone’s IELTS success.  Since then I published more than 30 articles.

In 2017 I started to produce my own podcast. I also shared my ANKI decks  – flashcards helping you to learn English topic-based vocabulary. On top of this, I reached out to one of my friends and he helped me to create a page where you can generate random IELTS speaking questions.

My IELTS story 

Back in 2012, I decided to move to Australia. That’s basically, why I needed to pass IELTS  and get at least 7.0 in four parts. Fortunately, I’ve got what I needed and in October 2016 I moved to Australia.

Last time I took IELTS exam was  30th April 2015. Actually, it was my sixth try since 2013. I started preparation back in August 2012. As you can see it was a long way for me, full of hard work.  I managed to get 7.0  in each part. You can see below my path to this result:

IELTS 27.04.13: L6.5 | R6.5 | W6.5 | S5.5 (academic)

IELTS 28.09.13: L6.0 | R6.5 | W5.0 | S5.5 (academic)

IELTS 24.04.14: L7.0 | R7.5 | W6.0 | S6.0 (academic)

IELTS 21.08.14: L6.5 | R8.5 | W6.0 | S7.0 (academic)

IELTS 28.02.15: L7.5 | R7.0 | W6.0 | S6.0 (academic)

IELTS 30.04.15: L7.5 | R7.0 | W7.0 | S7.0 (general)

I truly believe that someone else’s success and example may encourage and motivate other people. I learned it from Pat Flynn, who’s blog changed my life. That ’s why I decided to share my story on this website and blog not only about English learning but also about my personal fails and wins. I know that real life example can give you confidence, help you to believe in yourself and overcome your fears (believe me it’s your greatest enemy).  

IELTS Certificate test results

Me and my wife, Natalia

My Passions and Projects

I live for my family. “It is the primary motivation for everything I do”. My wife, Natalia, and I have a daughter – Alice.

Music is the second important part of my life. I am an Electrical Engineer by profession, but I know, I’ve always been driven by love to music. They say “Do more what makes you happy”.  I am sure, one day I will be there…You can visit my soundcloud and mixcloud page to get the idea of what kind of music I listen (spoiler, it’s not mainstream and pop music, sorry).

We all try to care as much as it possible about our family and probably the most difficult part is to find a perfect work/life balance. Since I got married supporting my family has always been my biggest struggle. I am sure, many of you can relate to this situation.  That’s why I put so many efforts in learning from other people who have been successful in online business. I took action and started this website as well as launched my private label by selling products on Amazon FBA.

As time passes I see that it takes a lot of time and efforts to progress in any project and overcome difficulties. However, I can say that I really enjoy these two projects.  Moreover, I have a vision of my next one.


Hopefully, you will find helpful this website and materials I share with you. If you have questions or just want to connect me, you can do it via social media (facebook, Instagram, twitter, Linkedin, VK) or contact me using the contact form below.

Me and my friend Oleg. Sydney, 2017
My first days in Sydney. Opera House 2016

Thank You

Thank you for visiting my website, reading my posts, listening to my podcast. I would appreciate you leaving a comment on my blog, sharing my materials in social media or leaving a review for my podcast in iTunes.

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