9 IELTS Topics

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What’s Inside?

9 IELTS Speaking topics includes

  • Hometown, Food, Health, Travel, Technology, Describe Person, Internet, Media, Books topics
  • 43 Part 1 questions and sample answers
  • 9 Part 2 questions and sample answers
  • 27 Part 3 questions and sample answers
  • 414 vocabulary words/phrases
  • 483 collocations
  • 31 links – IELTS websites/articles
  • 34 podcasts
  • 30 videos

Who is It For?

  • You want to save yourself time and get a bunch of topics and materials in one PDF.
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Very helpful, thanks

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The material was really good. I liked it and easy to look for reference.

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This is really helpful. I must say this is awesome!

Priti, India, September 2018