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INTERNET: Sample questions and answers for IELTS speaking exam


Part 1

  1. Do you use the Internet much during the day?

Actually, yes. I am amazed how much the Internet has to offer in terms of education, business, communication and art, so I frequently find myself browsing pages and looking for useful content.

  1. What do you usually do on the Internet?

-The list of things that I do there is quite long, but primarily I look for and buy e-books, listen to insightful podcasts, take online courses, seek and apply for internships and international events.


  1. What are some advantages of the Internet?

-There are so many things that the Internet can help us with! I always strive to use the educational potential of it to the full. For example, with the World Wide Web, one is now able to apply for internships abroad and undertake online interviews via Skype.

  1. Do people in your country use the Internet a lot?

Absolutely. In fact, I think people use it all the time for different purposes. Professionals include digital into their research, kids use it to learn faster, teenagers prefer it for communication and games.





Part 2

Describe a website that you often use. You should say:

    • what type of website it is

    • how you found out about it
    • what it allows you to do

and why you find it useful.

If I have to talk about a website that I regularly use, I think that would be Gmail by Google, which is one of the most widespread e-mail service providers out there. As far as I can remember, I first learned about it when I was in middle school. I had been curious about what the Internet had to offer even back then, and a lot of educational sites required an e-mail account for registration and communication.

I have been using Gmail for more or less nine years, and so far, I haven’t had a thought to change to another email service, as long as Google keeps on innovating, rolling out new features that make work easier and more fun. Google Drive, for example, is one of the best tools, because it allows me and my team store, exchange and create files in the cloud, especially when working on a project together.

I communicate with my colleagues through the web most of the time, and for that Google Hangouts comes in handy. It is a flexible, free and easy service to conduct personal and professional video- and audio-calls anywhere, using only the Internet connection.

To sum it all up, Google services, in general, are perfect for working or studying individuals like me, because they are cloud-based, free, easy to use and quickly employ innovation


Part 3

  1. What will be the next big development online?


(Answer) I think the upcoming digital breakthrough could be the popularization of blockchain smart-contracts in logistics. (Explain) Even though blockchain in general remains a questionable technology in terms of usage, I strongly believe that it can enhance logistics of big corporations, make deliveries faster, human error-free and more reliable. This would revolutionize our online shopping.

  1. How has the internet changed social behavior?

(Answer) Generally, the Internet has influenced social interaction of people in both positive and negative ways. (Explain) The magnificent effect of the Internet in socializing is that one can now easily communicate and make friends with people all over the world, without having to step out of home. However, because of this, some people have become somewhat isolated, and now spend most of their time online, neglecting real communication with friends and family around them. (Example) An example of this might be when a couple goes on a date, but then one partner spends most of their time on the phone, either replying to work emails or checking social media.

  1. Should companies check job applicants’ online profiles?

(Answer) I don’t think it is absolutely necessary for companies to check applicants’ profile online, (Explain) because not everything stated in their social media is reliable. However, even it’s not necessary, companies increasingly find benefits in reviewing social media accounts of prospective colleagues, (Aternative) because one can truly express their personality there. Still, would be better if firms looked into LinkedIn or professional CV record of an applicant to avoid any biased decisions.



Key vocabulary: Definitions and examples










these are messages distributed by electronic means from one user to another through the internet. To use this, one should have an email account


I check my email from time to time because I sent job applications online and the companies might get in touch with me anytime.



video conference

a face-to-face communication between people from different places with the use of an internet software


Skype is a famous tool to conduct video conference with our relatives abroad.




social media

a website or application that enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, pictures and videos


The use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has become a trend to people of different ages.






the transaction of business selling or buying online


E-commerce will definitely open more job opportunities to people.



online shopping

a form of e-commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from internet sellers


Most of the people prefer online shopping than to go to a physical shop because they don’t have to endure commuting just to buy goods.




internet marketing

the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet to reach customers


Websites are a vital piece of an Internet marketing.




virtual assistant

an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients and typically works from their home office


A virtual assistant provides services to individuals, organizations or companies, but they work online instead of going into an office.






the delivery of internet content in real-time to the viewer


There are so many movie streaming websites where we can enjoy watching movies for free.





real time

the actual time in which the occurrence of an event, reporting or recording of it are almost simultaneous


With the use of internet, I can watch the hottest news in real time.




to download

transferring music, videos, games or documents you find on the internet to your computer or other device


You can download Candy Crush on your mobile phone by going to the Play store.




to subscribe

to give consent or approval in receiving notifications or service regularly by adding up your e-mail address, name or by paying


I have subscribed to Netflix so that I will be able to watch the latest TV series in the U.S.





connected to or available through a computer or a computer network


With all the life insurance companies online, it is not difficult to do an online life insurance comparison.





habit-forming, hard to break away from, easy to say yes to


I have a very addictive personality.





unable to concentrate or focus


I am so easily distracted.





to browse

to look for information on a computer, especially on the Internet


You can browse the on-line catalogue in one of four ways : Alphabetically , by Subject , by Author and by Type.




to stay in touch

to stay connected


Working from home, however, I can stay in touch by email or by phone, and make sure any urgent tasks are accomplished.




to waste

to use more of something than is necessary, or to use it in a way that does not produce the best results


The priest did not want to waste time in arguing with the man.





Word Formation










Majority of Kyle Hanagami’s YouTube subscribers are those who are interested in

to subscribe


I saw an advertisement on the internet which entitles the people of a freebie once they subscribe before end of the month.




Starbucks offer free Wi-Fi so you can browse while sipping your coffee.



The most popular browsers that are used are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.



A hacker is someone who uses a computer to access data, steal or change it without being authorized or illegally.

to hack


They hack into banks and transfer tremendous amounts of cash into their personal accounts.




If you need some teaching aids for your class, you can check on some downloadable materials through the website I told you about.

to download


You can also download nursery rhymes from it.









set up
build up










a lack of
channels of
lines of
a means of










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