IELTS conversation club


Weekly Skype Chat / Call | 2019

I was able to find speaking partners to practice English regularly. What is more, I created Skype group to help IELTS students from different countries connect  and help each other.

There are also other  ways to find your partner  but sometimes it takes time to find someone to speak with you online regularly. Try them if you want. Joining my Skype Group is guaranteed way to practice at least  once a week because every week I participate in discussion myself.



15.30-16.30 NEW DELHI, INDIA

17.00-18.00 HANOI, VIETNAM

13.30-14.30 TEHRAN, IRAN

for other time zones visit  TIME ZONE CONVERTER | then enter your city or country



Other Places to Find Speaking Partner

On the main page, search for “speaking partner” or check comment under recent posts to find people looking for a partner  Forum

Navigate to Board index -> IELTS Study Resources and Community Talk -> ELTS discussion and open chat

Check any immigration forum in your country.

For example, in Russia, visit

- Navigate to IELTS subtopic or
- Search for “Speaking Skype”
- Find people who requested for a partner and contact  them

  1. Sign up

  2. Send request

Facebook group Worldspeaksenglish
Join the group and contact other people asking to be your speaking partner


All Ears English Podcast AEE 90: Three Reasons Your English Language Exchange Isn’t Workingr

My Mistakes. Do not Make Them

1.Don't think that someone will find you. It is not going to happen.You must be proactive, do the work and contact other people to find a partner.

2.Don't send message to just one person. Contact 10 people  and chances are you will get 5-6 responses. Then maybe 1-2 people will  keep practicing with you regularly.