Work with Me

TheTestTaker was started as a mean to develop my skills in English. However, as time passed, the website grew to the point where I see an opportunity to form a team with English teacher or anyone else who could help me produce quality educational materials. As a team,  I believe we could reach larger audience and help IELTS candidates to achieve excellent results in Speaking exam.

English Teacher Wanted

Are you a teacher? Do you want to work for yourself? offers you multiple opportunities and support to work online and scale your earnings:

-get paid for educational articles and materials

-create online online courses

-become a part of challenging project and help grow it. Website Profile

3.5K+ unique visitors monthly

email list with 300+ subscribers


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What’s in It for You

I see it as an opportunity for you to benefit from several things:

1-If you enjoy teaching  English and helping other English learners, it would be a great opportunity to reach and help more people as well as implement your own ideas. With the website, podcast, youtube, email and other Internet  tools it is possible to create great teaching resources, interact with people and   form a community. Being a part of this project you will see real results from your contribution (growing audience, feedback, potential clients)

2- As a result of reaching more people and providing real value to them it is possible to create side income stream to support you and your family. Have a look at these examples of successful websites in this niche. I think we can compete with them:,,, These websites receive thousands of visitors every month, they offer, online lessons, courses, books and other educational materials

3-If you have ever wanted to start your website but was unsure because of  technical  part of the project – this is great opportunity, because I did it myself and you don’t need to worry about such things as:

-choosing platform build website

-setting up hosting and website

-installing plugins

-setting up email autoresponder

-setting up a podcast

-SEO and google analytics

4-It is also a great opportunity to learn about online marketing and entrepreneurship, get practical skills.

What Skills  Should I Have and  What Would Be My Role?

Your skills/time (desirable):

  • At least 2-4 hours per week
  • Ability to write articles/contribute to podcast/videos
  • Create teaching materials: ebooks/courses, articles
  • Interact with audience through website/email/social media
  • Host webinars

That doesn’t mean I expect from you all from the list above. We can focus on one thing at a time.  Dream big, work hard.


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