Thank you!

First of all, thank you. It is amazing how many people are visiting my website and some of them are willing to contribute their precious time. I just wanted to let you know that, it feels great to know that all  the time and efforts I invested in this project,  over the years helped  many IELTS candidates to learn and get closer to their goals.  

You probably use lots of free online resources. Maybe now it is time for you to make your contribution.

Want to help? Here is what you will need to do.

These are steps that you will need to implement:

  1. Pick a topic from the list below
  2. Research  content for the following sections:  Key Vocabulary, Word Formation, Collocations
    Useful resources
  3. Prepare  the article draft using this google template.
  4. Check your results against the checklist
  5. Submit your article

The idea is to produce more IELTS articles based on model answers and topic vocabulary. We just need to split the process between volunteers and people each article include de several parts.

    •  easy parts to prepare – prepared by volunteers
    • other parts – prepared by teachers and website editor.

Some parts are easy enough to prepare and do not require perfect English, WordPress skills or lots of time.

You can open sample article and use it as a model. Below are also useful resources which I use to  research information for each part

    • Key vocabulary
    • Word Formation
    • Collocations
    • Useful resources

Pick Your Topic

These are topic which we currently do not have in topic collection. Pick any topic and read the instructions below.

    • Weather
    • Crime and The Law
    • Social Tencions
    • Science and Technology
    • Films
    • Shopping
    • Sports
    • Festival
    • On the Road
    • Politics
    • The Arts
    • Town and Country
    • Architecture
    • Men and Women
    • Geography
    • Business and Industry
    • Global Problems
    • Friends

Key Vocabulary

Please do not copy/paste topic lists from other resources. Make a meaningful work. That way you will learn and also produce unique and useful product.

You will need Google to find 3 pieces of information:

    • topic vocabulary (word or phrase)
    • definition
    • sample sentence

Topic vocabulary (word or phrase). Here is the list of websites I use to find relevant vocabulary and definition:

    • Go to QUORA->choose topic (search bar)-> go through article titles-> pick up words
    • Go to QUORA-> enter the topic or related keyword (search bar)-> open the article -> read and pick up words suitable for related vocabulary
    • Go to -> search list -> pick up words
    • Go to to find related words, nouns, adjectives, verbs
    • Get ideas from
    • Go to -> find topic-> pick up words
    • Go to LONGMAN online dictionary topic vocabulary->
    • Use visuals from

Definition. Please use use open source  and copyright free resources. For example:

Sample sentence. Please use use open source  and copyright free resources. For example:

Word Formation

Use 2-3  vocabulary words that you found and try to find other parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives).


You can use Google, Youtube or the website below to find collocations.

Useful resources

See websites in my articles. you can use the same websites to search for podcsats, videos and articles. You can always use Google or some of the websites  below:

  • Zapp English
  •  -> programs and podcasts
  • -> programs and podcasts

Mind map

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